Roberto Capucci Foundation

Established on 15th September 2005 along with Associazione Civita – an association that works in the field of promotion and development of Italian cultural heritage – has the purpose to preserve and promote the knowledge of Roberto Capucci’s work. Roberto Capucci Foundation has been established with the purpose to revalue the Italian tradition of refinement, style and passion for beauty, beside revaluing the identity and ancient expertise of high craftsmanship and the importance of experimentation in the world of fashion. Through development and promotion of Roberto Capucci’s work, the Foundation intends to stimulate the genesis of innovative ideas, by organizing exhibitions and cultural events.

The heritage of Roberto Capucci Foundation consists of:


465 dresses and sculpture dresses

296 illustrations

Around 22.000 original sketches

52 sketch books

374 audiovisuals

Around 50.000 photographs

Around 50.000 press articles


In 2017 Roberto Capucci Foundation move its headquarters and the ample archive in the beautiful historical structure of Villa Manin, near Udine, thanks to an agreement with ERPAC (Ente Regionale PAtrimonio Culturale of the region Friuli Venezia Giulia), which made available a 500 square metres space inside the Villa’s complex. Finally the entire archive, which was before scattered in different locations, has been reunified with the purpose of preserving, reorganising and digitalising it.